(hope this helps, not make it more confusion)


The race starts at the Lime Kiln Parking lot and heads out towards the road. You will cross over the main road and began your accent up the old service road to the look out tower. At the top of the service road you will hang a right towards the Great RedBird Statue.


Red Bird/The Cliff

This is a tricky section to follow. Make sure you follow the flags and keep a look out for tricky intersections. Follow the Red Bird Trail for about 100 yards and then you will take a left into a tighter thru the woods section. Once you  go up a little rocky section yuou will swing to the right and see two giant trees. Stay to the right and follow the trail to the road. Once you cross the road follow the trail to the right. The trail will be a wide double track trail that goes past the group campground section. Follow this to another road crossing. When you cross the road the trail will come to a “T” at the intersection hang a right. Then you will come to another “T” right away, Make a Left. Then you will come to a “Y” this time make a Right. And follow this till you hit the “T” at the Cliff and make a Left. Be sure to look for flags!


Cliff/ Lime Kiln section

Once you make the left onto the Cliff trail you will follow it till you reach the water station at the top of the stair case to heaven. At the water station turn right and head down the stairs and thru the Big Boulder field. On the way down stay to the right and enjoy the hills of the fast and scary single track of the Limekiln trail. Follow the trail to the right on the upper Lime Kiln section. Once you reach the waterfall on the bottom you will turn left and run the bottom flat section of the Lime Kiln trail. Follow the bottom all the way to the end where a sitting bench looks out at the lake. Turn left at the bench and test your strength and see if you can run up the stair way to heaven. Follow the trail to the right and up between the Boulder and the top of the Cliff back to the water station.


Water station/far loop and back to water station

Once you get to the top of the cliff water station turn right and enjoy the flat wide section to catch your breath. You will follow this crushed lime stone section. At any intersection here stay to the right. About a ¼ mile you will see a single track section cut to the right. Head on in and have fun weaving thru the trees. Just be careful as you will see you are running along the side of the cliff on your right. Follow the trail till you come to the “T” which is the junction to the double track. At the “T” make a right and then another right and follow the trail around a little loop section staying to the left of the loop until you get back to the single track trail you just came out of. At the single track DO NOT go back down it. Turn to the right and follow the double wide trail. At the first intersection hang a left. At the next intersection stay left again. At the third intersection go right. This will be the intersection that will run you back to the water station at the top of the lime kiln.


Water Station / Finish

Once you reach the Water station fuel up for the last push to the finish line. You will turn left at the water station and head down between the boulders again. And then turn right and head down the upper section of the limekiln. Repeating the same thing you did before. This time once you reach the bottom of the water fall turn RIGHT this time and head towards the finish line. (if you turn left you will do another loop of the limekiln and the stair way to heaven again) This is a flat smooth trail that will take you right past the Lime Kiln ruins and to the Finish line in the parking lot right where it all began.

CR10K Start


Big Title